The Checkpoint

Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions may provide you with some answers to your own questions. They may also help you with ideas about how to get better use out of the system.

As questions are asked, they are added to the page, so keep an eye on it.

What operating systems does The CheckPoint work under?
The CheckPoint works under all Windows operating systems up to Windows XP. It may work under Windows Vista, but has not been fully tested and cannot be guaranteed or supported.
How can I get a copy of The Checkpoint? Send an email to Patrick Colquhoun at with your mailing details.
What will The Checkpoint cost me? If you are a member of YAWA then only the cost of shipping the CD to you. If not a member of YAWA then talk to Patrick about the cost.
I want to download the latest version but my copy is several versions old. Is this a problem? No. The latest update contains all the previous updates and will apply them when you open each database database.
I have the latest version and I want to open last years database. Will it work OK? Yes. The last years database will be brought up to the current level when you open it.
How do I take a copy of my database home to work on and then bring it back to the club?

Firstly, you must have the same version of The Checkpoint on both the club and your home computer.

Take a backup (File/Backup) from the club onto a floppy disk and restore it (File/Restore) on your home computer. Make sure that both the back up and the restore are done BEFORE you log on, as the database must be closed when it is copied.

How do I make a Test copy of my database? The database to be used as the basis for the Test database must closed. So open a different database (File/Open) and then exit the system. Now go back in and log on. Go to File/New database, put in the name you want to give the new database and tick the box to copy an existing database. The test database will be an exact copy of the one you selected.
What should I at do at the start of a new season?

This is my suggested strategy:

Create a new database for the new season based on last years. Do this using File/New database and tick the box to copy an existing database selecting your last year's database.

Use File/Utilities/Purge data to get rid of all the previous years results, events etc. (Remember you can still go back to the last years database if you want to refer to it again).

I suggest you also run File/Utilities/Clean up Race Calendar and File/Utilities/Clean up text and html files to get rid of old data.

At some point it is worth while running File/Utilities/Compact database to reclaim deleted space and reduce the size of your database (database must be closed to run this utility).

You are now ready to put in your events for the new season. All handicaps have been carried forward and boats and parameters are still the same.